Inteview with Remco Mulder, the creator of NCrunch

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In early November I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Remco Mulder, the man behind NCrunch. Now that I’m done with the editing process (yes, I improvised as both director and editor) I can now share the video with our readers.

What is NCrunch?

NCrunch being a relatively young product, you may not have heard of it yet. NCrunch is an automated concurrent testing tool for Visual Studio .NET. You can read more about it by reading this post published a while ago by my colleague Philippe Tremblay. The NCrunch demo on the product’s web site is also a must-see for those who want to discover what the product can do for them.

I have to admit that NCrunch is now part of my regular developer’s toolset. I should also confess that I’m now addicted to the feedback I get from it and that even feel confused when working on a box that don’t have NCrunch installed. I consider the productivity gain I get from NCrunch is well worth its price. Not to mention that it makes the whole TDD experience more enjoyable.

The Interview

This interview is a unique opportunity to discover who Remco Mulder is. He gives us an insight view of the journey that led him to build and then publish NCrunch. He also discusses the NCrunch roadmap for the next versions. I really appreciated learning more about the genesis of the product and watch Remco explain how publishing a specialized product like NCrunch requires a major personal investment.

I hope you’ll appreciate the final result. However, keep in mind that the interview is a recording of a Skype call between New-Zealand and Quebec (Canada). That explains why there is some occasional lag between the video and the sound throughout the interview.

You’ll find below links that give you direct access to individual section of the interview:

I’d like to personally thank Remco Mulder who kindly acceptted my invitation to take part to this interview. The team at Elapse Technologies looks forward to future versions of the product.

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